Cidadania 2.0: Microfilmes para Macrocausas

Microfilmes para Macrocausas: Iniciativa para mobilizar jovens artistas para uma participação social e solidária na sociedade com criação de projectos artísticos inovadores na área do vídeo digital

Logo do MMCausas

O Prémio Microfilmes para Macrocausas, também designado por MMCAUSAS, é uma iniciativa da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa criada em 2010 e desenvolvida em parceria com o Clube Português de Artes e Ideias e o Tem como objectivo mobilizar jovens artistas para uma participação social e solidária na sociedade, incentivando e premiando a criação de projectos artísticos inovadores na área do vídeo digital – microfilmes com a duração máxima de 3 minutos – que tenham como matéria de trabalho temáticas sociais prementes.

Screenshot do site do MMCausas


Lisbon Big Apps: 15 finalistas

Lisbon Big AppsEsta é a lista das apps finalistas do concurso de aplicações Lisbon Big Apps, promovido pela CM de Lisboa.

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1 City Stories A single place can have as many stories as you want! Share them and show the city through your eyes! 
2 IMIN An app where people and institutions can locate, share and help to solve the city’s problems together, discovering and improving city life 
3 iRide iRide is the first Portuguese car-sharing service through a mobile app, for university students and companies. 
4 Lisbon Roulette You have a tight budget and want to go out for dinner? Spin the Lisbon Roullette! Simply insert your budget and away you go. 
5 Lisbon Smart Parking We connect Lisbon’s parking lots to the Cloud enabling the matching of free spaces with cars and other smart-apps. 
6 LisTrack An application that shows the best way to go to a place considering all available transports, time of day, price and parking (car travel). 
7 Livin’Lx Do you want to live in one of the greatest cities in the world? It’s time we help you decide where to build a home. 
8 My Hoster myHoster’ enables anyone, being a local or visitor to find a local host that will guide you to a particular location/site of the city. 
9 Parallel Planet Parallel: a new way of storytelling. It allows users to dive inside stories, with location-based, augmented reality, clues and interactivity. 
10 Parcitypate It’s a fun way to empower citizens of both large and small communities to take action toward city needs. 
11 Paymel Paymel – Allows drivers to pay for parking with their phone. We make parking payments easier for drivers. 
12 PostaLx Send everyone your special postcard of Lisbon -share where you have walked in the city, texts and ideas and photos a everlasting memory! 
13 Taximotions Virtual dispatch central making more convenient to manage, to promote, to book and to pay electronically any kind of taxi service. 
14 Xtourmaker Xtourmaker allows companies to create their own interactive tours/activities/games in indoor/outdoor environments using a global platform. 
15 YouClient YouClient is the free service that allows people to find and share great local businesses and places (what we call Spots) in Lisbon.